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Anglers Choice Tidewind Sportfishing

A Successful Trip

Tidewind Sport fishing is located in the Port of Brookings, 25 minutes north of Crescent City.  The Port of Brookings is noted to be one of the safest harbors along the coast due to the direction it faces.  The Port of Brookings harbor is also located in a cove, this gives us an opportunity to fish most comfortably.  A morning fishing trip is always fun and predictably fishable.  Later morning trips are available, weather permitting, for those who prefer a later start to the day.

Tidewinds has been here for 21 years and having fun all 21 of those years.  We as a family have been operating Tidewinds for the past 16 years.  Jim has always fished and operates the Super Star.  James, our son has grown up on the boats and operates the Bottom Line.  Kyle, our son-in-law has been working on our boats for the past 13 years and operates the Tidewinds.  We truly believe the family that fishes together stays together.

There are things that a consumer should know when choosing a charter.  First of all, not all passenger boat licenses are alike nor are all Captain licenses alike.

All of our boats are “Inspected Passenger Vessels”.  This is a higher standard that is designated and given by the U.S. Coast Guard.  The requirements to obtain this title are to be constantly met and maintained.  To maintain this high standard ALL of our boats are inspected both in and out of the water by the U.S. Coast Guard every year.

All our Captains have a 100 TON MASTERS LICENSE.  This license is a higher license and involves education, safety and experience to obtain from the U.S. Coast Guard.

You can call us anytime to ask us questions or make your charter reservation.  The phone does ring at home, and if you miss us leave a message and we will call you back.  You may also contact us through our website.  So don’t miss out on all the fun the Pacific Ocean has to offer, reserve your place today!

Let’s go Catchin’!

Check us out on Facebook:  Tidewind Sportfishing

Anglers Choice Tidewind Sportfishing Google Map

Contact Information:

16368 Lower Harbor Road
Brookings, OR 97415-6293
(541) 469-0337
Toll Free: (800) 799-0337