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Volunteers Needed for Road Charge Pilot Program

Do you care about the condition of California’s roads?  Greater fuel efficiency decreases the amount of gas tax taken in for funding road maintenance.  What is the solution?  California has a pilot ROAD CHARGE program in which vehicles are charged based on the distance traveled or period of time they use the road, rather than their gas usage, BUT THEY NEED VOLUNTEERS – ESPECIALLY from RURAL AREAS!  View a flyer about the program or go to for more information &/or to sign up as a volunteer in this pilot program.

Mandatory Benefits & Employee Handbooks

Are you confused about the new mandatory paid sick leave benefit?  Do employee handbooks protect employers?  How do you write an employee handbook?  CalChamber has an employee handbook creator tool which will enable you to keep your handbook current and abreast of mandatory requirements.

Last Chance Grade update.

A permanent fix for Last Chance Grade slides is high on the Chamber’s list of important infrastructure improvements.  The Del Norte Local Transportation Commission is requesting that Caltrans provide an economic impact study on the impact of closures at Last Chance Grade.  View the DNLTC letter to Caltrans.

Last Chance Grade update article (click here to view), shared with permission of the Del Norte Triplicate.

This article is shared with permission of the Del Norte Triplicate.   Improvements on Highway 101 between Klamath and Crescent City are of paramount importance.  Caltrans is doing a study to find a long term solution to this slide-prone stretch of highway while crews work to shore up a retaining wall.


CRESCENT CITY – The Del Norte Local Transportation Commission was awarded construction funding yesterday for the $19.4 million highway improvement project on US Highway 199 for a Middle Fork Smith River bridge replacement and curve realignment.
This project is a long-term community goal and is the largest of a series of highway improvement projects funded on US Highway 199 and State Route 197 to accommodate the 31 year old trucking standard established by the Surface Transportation Assistance Act (STAA) of 1982. County Supervisor, Michael Sullivan, who represents the district that includes US Highway 199, thanked the California Transportation Commission in the meeting in Del Mar yesterday stating that this project is essential to the long-term economic viability of our region and the safety of all the traveling public.
Transportation Commission representatives Gerry Hemmingsen, Chris Howard, and Doug Wakefield also made the trip to Del Mar to answer any questions the California Transportation Commission might have and to thank them for funding the project.
Tamera Leighton, Executive Director of Del Norte Local Transportation Commission stated that there are many key components to the success of this project and among the most essential has been an unwavering message from Del Norte Local Transportation Commission sustained over time. “I see many necessary projects fail throughout the state partially because of divisions among policy makers in regions. We have benefited from sustained support from our City Council and County Supervisors and the vast majority of our community members, which has been key to assisting with project delivery.”
“Safety and commerce restrictions on US Highway 199 have been identified as a problem for our region for decades,” says Leighton. “I’m elated and relieved that this project is moving forward, which will enable me to put even more focus on addressing the failure of US Highway 101 at Last Chance Grade.”